Science on Ice

Learning is fun!

PuckaPalousa 2018

• Science on Ice 2018 Puckapalousa Team!
• Illustrating Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion: force, mass & acceleration -- HOCKEY ON THE ICE
--Late March 2018

Science is Fun!

Science on Ice is a GREAT field trip opportunity for schools and community groups that combines science lessons, physical education and ice skating fun. Students in 5th or 6th grades have the chance to learn science concepts in the unique setting of the Palouse Ice Rink at the Latah County Fairgrounds.

Lessons Include:

• Properties of Water: molecules in motion, phase changes, how a Zamboni makes the ice smooth
• Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion: force, mass & acceleration, hockey puck slingshots
• Rotational Motion in Action: distribution of mass, how do ice skaters twirl?

Learn to Skate!

Following the science activities, students will put on skates and have instruction on the basics of ice skating. Beginners will learn forward and backwards skating and stops, and will play games to increase confidence on the ice. More advanced skaters will work on crossovers, hockey stops and basic twirls. All skaters will learn safety tips.

Thank You

A very hearty THANK YOU to Decagon Devices Inc. and TerraGraphics International Foundation for their generous financial sponsorship of the Science on Ice. Decagon has contributed to the program for the past 4 years. It is a Pullman, WA company which designs and manufactures several different types of instruments that are used in both agricultural and food science applications. Please visit their website Decagon Devices Inc. for more information. TerraGraphics International Foundation is a new contributor this year. They are an non-profit organization specializing in reducing human health risks associated with exposure to environmental contaminants, and assist communities, governments, universities, and other NGOs to develop pilot remediation projects. Please visit their website TerraGraphics International Foundation for more information.